Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Martial Arts and the martial boys

According to some this is a game meant for boys only and it seems to be correct also, as none girl might find a courage to train herself for such arts. Despite of such thinking persisting in the society it has been found at many places that girls are coming forward not only to learn but also to teach others this very art even as a profession.
Whatever the societies feel and the people feel, as per to my opinion it is a game for boys. The real stuffy boys, who mostly are found correct at their places and are always ready to help others whenever required. Girls can not fight a large group of anti-social ailments. It is a matter meant for boys only. Martial boys are a group of volunteers learning the art at their independent places and are always found helping the society in their own ways possible.
Comprising different options in its variation it is mix of various arts like the simple karate, judo, taikowondo, kung-fu, etc. It often comprise arts like weapon using, defense without any source when opponent or opponents are with heavy and deadly weapons. This art is found throughout the world in many forms as stated above. In India it had been a art with the sword and the sandals in the hands of its warriors.

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