Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Plan by MTNL call at Rs 1/min in USA,VCC AND Canada.

IF you want to lower down your ISD rates and you are a frequent ISD caller then it is a very good news for you can be in touch with your all near and dear ones, share each and every moment of your life with your friends those residing outside India.

Very exciting news as it provides very economic call rates who daily talk to their NRI friends relatives and students who are residing in Canada and U.S.A. MTNL has specially gifted you a very new plan on this Holi and Gudi Padva. Get ready to make frequent calls outside India with this wonderful offer, as this offer lets you make ISD calls in U.S.A, Canada and VCC- Virtual Clling calls at Rs 1 only hard to believe but it is true.

MTNL's New Plan

Existing call charges are Rs 6.50 /min, such a big tarrif reduction by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. on this festive season. This wonderful offer will be applicable by default from 1st March 2010 and valid up to 31st Match 2010. This new by MTNL offer is valid only calls made from MTNL Landline,CDMA (Garuda) and GSM (Dolphin/Trump) by having MTNL VCC.

And if you want to enjoy this offer, you just need to dial 160922 (Toll Free) followed by secret code of VCC. To activate this tariff rate dial 160222 (Toll Free) followed by secret code and required destination Telephone Number with STD/ISD code following the instructions of IVR system.

Such a simple way to get in touch with your near and dear ones abroad! So get this before the joy of festivity starts!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

An exclusive plan by MTNL -Life Time Valid 3G Prepaid with Per Second Billing at Rs.101

To reduce your high mobile bills India's first 3G mobile service operator Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) is coming with the new launch of Time Valid 3G Prepaid Connections.

Very economical with Pay per Second at Tariff Rs 101. In this plan of MTNL you can get a new Life Time Valid 3G Prepaid Connection at just Rs 101 with talktime of RS. 41 and you are suppose to pay Rs.10 for 3G SIM KIT +91 for FTRC. If you want to activate a new sim kit then it would get recharged with Rs 91 FTRC that comes along with Sim Kit. It has a gift for you with a facility of Plan Recharges, Top up coupons and special Extra talk time recharges.


This new pack allows you to make all Local and STD Voice call as well as Video Calls to MTNL network at just Half Paisa per second (1p/2sec) and 1 paisa/one second for all other Local and STD network. Now you can talk more with your loved ones.

Following is the tariff as per 3G prepaid plans.

For First time recharge Coupon MTNL has Sim kit-Total Cost-Rs.101 at Rs.10 for Sim card +Rs.91 for First Time Recharge Coupon .

Its Validity is Life Time, with talk time of Rs 41.

The O/G Calls to MTNL Mumbai and Delhi Network is 1 paisa for 2 Seconds.

O/G Calls to Other Network Across India 1 paisa for One Second.

Sms charges Local-25p National-Rs.1 International-Rs.2.50.

Data Charges 1 paisa /10 KB (Pulse of 10 KB) Equitant to Rs.1/mb.

Terms & conditions-:

1) a life time coupon, In order to get a continue the connection as it is a life time coupon you will have to get it recharged with at least Rs.100/- (Rs one hundred only) in a period of Six months.

2) First Time Recharge is with Rs. 91 Trump activation coupon that comes with this pack can be charged only once on a connection. This coupon needs to be recharged immediately for activation of SIM. Till then you won't be able to make outgoing calls On recharging with this coupon you will get free talk value of Rs 41 so exciting.

3) After initial recharge with First Time Recharge voucher all other plans and top ups are allowed. Tariff of Plan Voucher will superimpose the existing Tariff Plan if the SIM is recharged with any other PLAN voucher. After expiry of the validity of the plan voucher, you can come back to your original kits of this SIM Kit.

4) Other tariffs like ISD and Roaming Tariffs (for Voice & Data) are as per existing MTNL guidelines.

Such an affordable plan from MTNL to keep the people in touch with their loved ones!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mobile Plan

Fed up of Your high mobile bills BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. has launched very exciting prepaid schemes for your mobile! Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is India’s 3G Mobile service operator.In three zones of country BSNL has launched prepaid schemes for BlackBerry mobiles.

This exciting plan is offered in partnership with the handset maker Research and motion.

BSNL Black Berry

Three wonderful plans are there to facilitate you they are BlackBerry Social Networking Bundle BlackBerry Messaging Bundle, and BlackBerry Internet Bundle service plan.

This mobile plan is priced from Rs.274 to Rs 898,very nominal range to offer you. As per the planin both prepaid and postpaid connection. It facilitates the users to choose from these services according to the level of usage these are Internet browsing, instant messaging, and social networking .

BSNL’s new service plans is really made in that way to suits your requirements and to reduce your mobile bills as well.Very affordable and easy to purchase BlackBerry smartphones and services. Other gifts of BSNL are services such as Web Browsing, E-mail, Organizer & PIM functions, Attachment Viewing .

Bsnl also offers wireless connectivity for business usage in partnership with RIM. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has really performed a crucial role in increasing the adoption of BlackBerry smart phones and making it popular among both consumers and business users in India.Internet services of BlackBerry provides retail customers individuals and Small Business organizations. Instant, quickand very easy wireless access to informations and communications.It also gives more fast attachment viewing, instant messaging and easy email access with no IT support required.

This attractive and lucrative plan of BSNL will definitely helps to expand the opportunities for BlackBerry smart phone.Really it will!

Friday, February 12, 2010

New plan has arrived called Mumbai Ka Gang with Simple Fifty or Per Second

Fed up of Rise in mobile are Lowest call rates ever. BPL which has now become Loop Mobile.....has come up with Simple Fifty with Mumbai ka Gang. It allows you to make all Loop Mobile calls at just 10p/min and with Per Second Plan with Mumbai ka Gang make all Loop Mobile calls at just 1p/6sec.Now you can enjoy long chats with friends and family. Here are two options lined up for you first is Simple Fifty with mumbai ka gang and per second plan with mumbai ka gang.

It has a variety of recharge options available for you only.

Loop Mobile Mumbai ka Gang

Simple Fifty with Mumbai ka Gang has MRP 45, TT 35, Validity is for lifetime . Its call rates are as - Loop Mobile to Loop mobile 10p/min, Local calls 50p/min, STD Mobile calls 50p/min, STD Landline calls Re 1/min, Local SMS 50p/SMS, National SMS 50p/SMS and Daily Rental Rs 1.5.

Another plan is Per second plan with Mumbai ka Gang its MRP IS 43, Talk Time 33, Validity Lifetime and call rates are Loop Mobile - Loop Mobile 1p/6sec, Local calls 1p/sec, STD Mobile calls 1p/sec, STD Landline calls 2p/sec, Local SMS 50p/SMS,National SMS Re 1/SMS and Daily Rental Rs 1.5

Loop Mobile

Terms & Conditions
  • Offer is applicable to all Loop Mobile Prepaid subscribers
  • The offer can be availed through e-topup only & not through Euronet or ATM recharges
  • Offers applicable only on first recharge of Rs 45 for Simple Fifty or Rs 43 for Pay per second plan
  • Existing subscribers recharging with MRP 43 or 45 will get talktime of Rs 33 or 35 respectively
  • Daily rental of Rs 1.5 applicable from the date of activation
  • No other packs can be clubbed unless specified
  • To discontinue 10p/min or 1p/6 sec calling SMS UNSUBMKG to 50505
  • To unsubscribe from Lifetime plan SMS "UNSUBSLIFETIME" to 50505
  • To unsubscribe from Per Second Plan SMS "BASE" to 50505
  • An existing subscriber can either recharge with Rs 4 or simply SMS MKG to 50505, to enjoy the special Loop Mobile - Loop Mobile tariff benefit with Rs 1.5 as the daily rental
  • A minimum processing fee of Rs 2 will be applicable for all new lifetime subscribers on all recharge
  • Subscribers need to have minimum one-minute usage in 180 days to continue enjoying the Lifetime benefits
  • The license period for this offer is valid till 30.11.2014

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