Monday, January 18, 2010

Tata Photon Plus-The Speedy broadband service

If we say low price and high quality product, then one name that strikes in our mind is the Tata Indicom Company. The company has again launched one such service.
Tata Photon Plus is the new name in the world of mobile broadband services.This Photon service is really wonderful for those who want a speedy net.The "Photoners" will now be able to enjoy the net through a speed which will be 20 times faster and so the Tata customers will now be able to quickly access all the e-mails,the social networking sites etc.Even the uploading and downloading of big files and photo sharing will now be a cakewalk for all the photoners who are on a move.

Tata Indicon Logo

For the ease and comfort of customers,the Tata Indicom Company has also launched the"Call and Buy" service for its exclusive Photon customers. This service is the first of its kind in the industry. This"Call and Buy" service provides a toll free number which is 18004208282. Now the Tata customers have to just call up on this number and they can buy a Photon connection. Users can also get all the information regarding the product.

Tata Photon Plus

Tata Photon Provides a download speed of around 700-800 KBPS.This speed is a great option for the usual net surfing.

Tata Photon Television is also included in the Tata Photon broadband service. This TV service will give you access to 40 channels.

Now let's talk about the price of Tata Photon broadband service. If we talk in terms of total cost then it will be Rs 3400 for the device and Rs 200 for the installation of SIM.

Tata Photon Plus

The Photon Service can sound 'not-so-cheap' for some of the net users but when it comes to the question of speedy net then the price definitely sounds reasonable enough for all those who love using the broadband service.

VFlash of Virgin Mobile-The Highspeed Net Service For Those Who hate to wait!

For all those people who hate to wait for the downloads, the uploads, the attachmnets etc and want that extra speed in internet should really go and check the new VFlash net service of the Virgin Mobile. The VFlash service provides wireless broadband access service and the unique feature of this service is that it is 20 times faster then the present wireless technology. Now it will be much easier for you to download and upload large files. Moreover, you can also share photos through this service.

VFlash of Virgin Mobile

The charges for VFlash alongwith the USB modem include Rs 3500.There will be no roaming charges for the data.This service also offers a live television for the users so that they can view various channels on their PCs and laptops as well, while they are moving.

Through this service the customers can also enjoy the SMS service. The best advantage of using VFlash is that it is easily compatible with the personal computers and laptops.

The Tariff details for using VFlash are as follows:

# There is a monthly rental pack which consists of Rs 250. It also possess an additional usage charge worth Rs 1 per minute.
# A free usage of 0.5 GB is also available, if you go for the monthly rental pack of Rs 500/-.
# With the monthly rental pack of Rs 750, you get a free usage of 2 GB.
# A monthly rental pack of Rs 950 is also available which provides the free usage of 2 GB from 7 in the morning till 11 at night.
# With the monthly rental pack of Rs 1100 you get the free usage of 10 GB and also included in this pack is the additional usage charge of Rs 0.50 per MB.

VFlash of Virgin Mobile

The VFlash service is really beneficial for those who want a speedy wireless net connection and undoubtedly, Virgin Mobile has succeeded in doing so by providing this VFlash service.

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