Monday, June 28, 2010

Aircel came out with GSM mobile services in Haryana.

Aircel the number one telecom player in Assam,Tamil Nadu, Chennai and North East has now come out to make the people of Haryana enjoy the fruits of GSM mobile services. The fifth largest service provider announced its GSM mobile services as Aircel has got a subscriber base of over 40 million has extended its 20th circle with Haryana. This service has been introduced to meet the special needs of Haryana consumers.

Aircel believes in core values of trustworthiness,strong local connect ,simplicity and service in order to facilitate high usage in a simple manner there are big reductions in tarrifs on all local calls. Aircel has got 57% of mobile penetration in Haryana to provide maximum consumer satisfaction and to facilitate its extension activities tariff reduction is considered as very crucial and needy step.

As per the plan the local call rates are 60p for the first minute,the second minute@50p and third minute onwards it is @40p. On STD calls the first minute is @75p,second minute onwards @50p and on-net STD @ 50p. / per minute.A very user friendly package @Rs.5 that lets the user to avail maximum value for money talk time for Rs. 4.50 @ 50p /per minute blended with so many attractive discounts on roaming to neighboring states U.P, H.P and Delhi.

Another innovative Pocket Internet cards to let the customers enjoy unlimited browsing,free games and dialer tunes along with wall papers of for a period of 30days @Rs.98. Aircel brings a gift of VAS services SMS, Music, CRBT, local-information and entertainment VAS offerings.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Talk to me by Bharti Airtel

A very good news good news for mobile users who were really waiting for something good to come sand this time their wish has been fulfilled Bharti Airtel, has come out with a revolutionary scheme to facilitate its subscribers to let you get connected with your favourite stars their is a special opportunity has been given by Airtel by introducing its new product 'Talk to me on Airtel'.

Talk to me by Bharti AirtelAs per the plan details the Airtel customers across Karnataka are entitled to connect themselves with their favourite stars, really a very exciting offer that lets you to catch your favourite superstars live just at a touch of a button, an amazing and unique platform exclusively by Airtel, as it is the country's first telecom service provider that facilitates its customers to interact with their favourite stars.

The customers need to dial and they can have a LIVE conversation, you just need to dial 5432171 through their Airtel network at Rs. 6/ min. This is the Talk to me service to connect you the any star or singer, the group of callers can interact at a time, you Will be given equal time by IVR to conversate in a sequential mode, even Bharti Airtel is looking forward to connect most popular celebrities.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

MTS M-Saver 220 against Reliance CDMA pack

A very special offer for customers MTS India has proudly come up with MSaver-220 for its prepaid subscribers in the circles of West Bengal and Kolkata , this is very exciting offer with a fresh Tariff Voucher to reduce the call rates and to facilitate the subscribers in a very special way as MTS India, is a joint venture of Sistema-Shyam Teleservices, it is country's Youngest CDMA operator.

This plan will let you to call free Local MTS to MTS 100 minutes per day, and upto 30 minutes per day on local MTS to other network for 30 days, the subscribers of MTS can club it with the offer that they are using presently, this will give the dual benefit as after availing the benefits of free calling they can switch to their previous plan on lifetime basis.

MTS mobile plans
This special pack has come out to compete with Reliance and Tata Indicom’s CDMA Packs, and definitely it is going to capture a big market along with huge response, the plans details are as :3000 local MTS2MTS minutes, applicable as 100 min/day, 900 local minutes to other operators, applicable as 30 minutes/day with no change in SMS tarrif can be availed on E-Recharge only.

Recent launched second series of MTS s ‘8926’ in West Bengal, facilitates local tariff 1paisa/2 seconds for 1 year at just Rs 95 , Kolkata high speed wireless broadband based on CDMA EVDO named MTS Mblaze is looking forward for post paid services .

Friday, June 18, 2010

MTNL Launches Sakhi Plan that gives you unlimited calling facility.

A wonderful gift for mobile users yes to give you unlimited calling facility yet another plan has arrived in the way by India’s first 3G mobile service operator Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL), well this plan is specially for Women as has given the name of Sakhi Plan now all the Sakhis get ready to enjoy the fruits of unlimited calling as this plan can be availed on new 3G GSM prepaid connections.

These connections have inbuilt Life Time valid Free Unlimited Calling facility that gives you the flexibility to make calls on any two numbers at just Rs.72 in Mumbai circle. Very special MTNL’s new life time valid Sakhi Plan is just available to you at just Rs.72 , that includes Rs.10 for 3G SIM KIT along with Rs.62 for first time recharge.That provides you all freebies.

It has also got Rs.32 as main balance, after the activation, as the new sim kit will get activated only when recharged with FTRC-Rs.62, then the subscriber is entitled to get Free 100 MTNL Minutes as well as 100 Video Calls Credit with 100 Free SMS on MTNL network and to give you the welcome gift there is 50 MB Data Download credits .Sakhi Plan lats you to make call Local as well as STD Voice call along with Video Calls to MTNL network at just 20 paisa while 50 paisa/minute. to all other networks.

75p/minute would be charged as STD calls, you can choose two mobile numbers at monthly rental of Rs 20.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

O2 has Terminated unlimited mobile data plans for smartphones.

Well smartphone users need to pay there attention here, if you are a smart phone user and using the services of O2 then it is must to inform that O2 has terminated the service of unlimited mobile data plans that previously used to be provided for smartphones. As per the company's announcement 24 June has been declared as the tentative date for the contract.

O2 has Terminated  unlimited mobile data plans for smartphones.
The subscribers can have a fair usage of data after that date, those subscribers who are going for the contracts worth £35 per month have been provided with an allowance of monthly data usage which is 500MB but this can be availed after a mentioned date, at the same time the subscribers who are going forward for £40-£45 per month contracts will be given 750MB of data usage.

Another download facility would be given to top-end users to download upto 1GB of data at £60 per month free. The subscribers that are moving for another 500MB usage would be charged £5 for the data usage, but the present and existing customers can access unlimited data on their smartphone the time till they stick to the same plan, well O2 has also come out with another promotional offer to get unlimited data who avail fresh plans until 1 October..

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Gift of Airtel "weekend dhamaka" low priced GPRS plan

A very good news that will really mesmerise you is that now Airtel has come up with a new gift to subscribers, as this world's leading mobile company has promisingly launched a very low priced GPRS mobile plan, as to become customer's favourite this might be considered as a very smart step, as this plan is definitely going to meet with the customers need and more benefiting.

New Gift of Airtel
This plan is known as the name of "weekend dhamaka" as it is really going to make a dhamaka in which you need to recharge with Rs.19, only and you will get GPRS for 200MB that means a big flexibility to access GPRS on very low price.

The validity of this plan is going to be for three days, as the data limit would be sufficient for browsing not for any king of downloading, as this offer is launched as weekend offer so that you can make your weekends fridays, saturdays and sundays special with such a big data usage of 200MB.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Heavy Caveats in New AT and T Mobile Plan

Another special reductions and new wireless plans that will make to enjoy the fruits of mobile Internet on very affordable range, yes a very good new that lets you allow the benefits of Internet on mobile phone such an easy and frequent access, now AT and T customers can choose the best plan that fulfills all their needs, more access of data at only $15/month for entry level plan.

To let you a frequent access of 10 times more data, but the subscribers that are presently using the services will not required to jump on these new plans, unlimited access of AT and T WiFi Spots at just 20,000, this is the golden opportunity to avail the benefits at very affordable range, it has break the old concept of 'one-size-fits-all' and now mobile internet has got an easy access by large number of people.

Use of unlimited Wi Fi on big price reduction, to make people know about these reducing rates AT and T is going to send free text messages to consumers, they would be entitled to use online tools that will indicate monthly usage information of customer, a very new wireless data plan with a new tethering option is going to benefit AT and T customers.So such a big gift by AT and T to its customers to enjoy the sweet fruits.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BlackBerry Curve 8530 has arrived in India With Tata Indicom

To facilitate CDMA customers Tata Teleservices Limited has come out with BlackBerry Curve 8530 smartphone with Tata Indicom network, you can have this new BlackBerry Curve 8530 at Tata Indicom retail stores as it is giving a wonderful gift of free data services for the period of two months and the customers can also avail the facility of watching free live TV if they get it 30th June, 2010, they can enjoy the service for three months.

BlackBerry Curve 8530
This stylish smart phone BlackBerry Curve 8530 has got very special and dedicated media keys, really embedded with the features that let the customers enjoy the music and videos, as this smart phone has got smart feature of built-in Wi-Fi, a very fast speed to access internet.

Along with high speed and enough extended data coverage. BlackBerry Curve 8530 has got the one destination solutions like messaging , social networking and email, a wonderful QWERTY keyboard for better access and comfortable typing, this phone has got very powerful features of multimedia it gives you a blend of all crucial applications that are used for full HTML browsing.

Friday, June 4, 2010

An exciting 24x7 'badalta' discount plan

A very exciting offer from Uninor , as it announced on Tuesday the wonder full coming of GSM service in the city Kolkata, the other cities that are going to avail the benefits are Goa, Maharashtra , West Bengal along with big circles of Gujarat. This company is owned by Telenor Group that is a Norway-based world's 6th largest mobile services provider.

Telenor Group
AS this launching made , Uninor's services available in 13 telecom circles the most prominent states to be covered are Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Karnataka,West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh,Orissa and Tamil Nadu, this company has got its USP that is a very special plan, Uninor's is also planning to move forward with better vision.

As it has come out with a new and branded plan named '24x7 badalta discount plan' or dynamic pricing plan, now the customers are entitled to have discounts on their calls.They can avail discounts from 5 per cent to as much as 60 per cent, it varies according to their location as well as their call timings, the discount is entitled on a basic call rate of 50 paisa per minute for any local call.

Like it can be availed from Uninor-to-Uninor or Uninor-to-any other operator, that means the call that use to be of one minute would be charges at the rate of minimum 20 paisa and maximum 50 paisa. So this offer really going to benefit the customers.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New prepaid plan by T-mobile, unlimited voice at $50

A fresh plan by T-mobile, that lets you to enjoy unlimited voice, picture messages and text and you just need to pay $ 50 a month, isn't it very exciting, well this new plan will facilitate you with unlimited talks so that you can enjoy the fruits of texts and picture messages on very reasonable rates, even you can use this plan with any
device and and T-Mobile uses GSM.

Well this is a step to cope up the growing demands of prepaid market in United States as it is on boom, as the mobile service providers are trying to capitalize on this rate of growth, to take the benefits of current scenario T-mobile has come out with this plan as it had been losing its long term contract customers, the growth in prepaid market has proved out as bane.

Other service providers like Sprint (NYSE: S) Nextel and Virgin Mobile are coming out with their aggressive services to go after the market, well the targets are different segments of the prepaid market.Along with the major players like MetroPCS, Leap Wireless and regional carrier SouthernL INC have come out with their cost effective plans .

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