Monday, May 31, 2010

Verizon Wireless’s New Plan Enjoy Unlimited Data, Hello Buckets?

Well there is another plan to avail to avail the fruits of unlimited data, as the arrival of 4G has made it possible. Verizon Wireless Announced at the Barclays Capital conference in New York City, as the company is looking forward a new 4G LTE network so it hopes to ditch unlimited plans entirely on it. Now there would be Buckets instead of

verizon wireless Mobile

As after the release of e first LTE-enabled device, Verizon is going to use its 4G LTE network basically for voice that is going to start in 2011, one thing was still unclear that would Verizon’s LTE bring an end to unlimited voice calling plan, as the surveys are showing that the people are really shocked by a hike in their phone bills.

Lets have a look on Verizon’s future intentions, the emergence of 4G bandwidth constraints can play a very crucial role in that as it is being seen as

So, as for Verizon’s future intentions around unlimited service plans, although 4G bandwidth constraints might play some kind of role here, the primary driver is far more a shining beacon of hope along with their are big hopes that 4G will rise as a glittering division.

As it is offering unlimited 4G data at the rate of $10 premium over 3G. So just look forward for a magic has to be created because Verizon Wireless’s New Plan lets you Enjoy Unlimited Data, so just say hello to buckets rather than megabytes.

Friday, May 28, 2010

IPad Wi-Fi plans brought in by Vodafone and 3 mobile

New plans yes very good news for mobile users, there are updated
monthly and pre-paid plans have been brought in by Vodafone and 3 Mobile, these plans are basically for iPad with Wi-Fi and third generation (3G) networks for the users in Australia. These updated services will commence from 28 May, now the local service providers will give these service without commotions.


The pre paid plans by vodafone have the range from $9.95 for 250 MB to unlimited usage at $49.95 while the subscribers having 3 Mobile will
get the range from $15 for 500MB to $29 for 2GB. Subscribers can also
have single-use extra downloads they can avail it for a limited period
of time it also includes a one time bonus of 200MB as this plan will
be activated online .

For signing up there are 1GB to 2GB extra downloads, these smart and
exclusive I Pad 3G plans also gives you a free micro SIM starter
pack,although the IPad has got proper support in numerous ways but
sometimes it shows few Wi-Fi connection problems.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Huge payments for 3G by operators makes mobile services costlier

It is an era of technology and in this race all service provides don't want to miss even a single chance to cope up themselves with emerging technologies, as every day there are new experiments carried out and this is time of 3G yes now third generation (3G) has got its great demand , and the operators are going to offer something new to gt yourself ready with technological advancements.

3G Service Logo

The renowned operators like Vodafone Essar, Bharti Airtel, Tata Teleservices and Reliance Communications have come out as winners in the auction that conducted very recently, all of these big service providers have form a consent to pay as much as Rs 67,718 crore to the Government to but the required base and spectrum that is essential to offer 3G services.

Now the question arises that this high payments by service providers will result in the hike of tariffs, Bharti Airtel, has to pay Rs 12,295 crore the highest bidder, a Bharti spokesperson says that this might results in the a drive in the prices beyond reasonable levels.

There are 500 million mobile users in India and 3G is going to be the only way to access broadband services on mobile devices. So if the number of people using this service is concerned the spectrum price is viable. because 3G has all the potential to be used for both data and voice, so there is no doubt that It will increase the revenue per user and consequently service providers should be able to absorb the
high costs .

Monday, May 24, 2010

To counter Verizon Wireless AT and T and T-Mobile USA upgrading 3G networks

To cope up with upgrading technology everyday US mobile operators AT and T and T-Mobile USA have planned to upgrade to HSPA , that is a big move to counter market-leader called Verizon Wireless' early migration to LTE technology. This step will enable the two operators to double the speeds of downloads with most advanced techniques.

Verizon Wireless MobilePresently speedy downloads are only be carried out on HSPA-enabled 3G
networks. Deutsche Telekom that has owned T-Mobile USA has upgraded its
network already in the metro areas like New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Long Island and New Jersey, that makes T-Mobile to claim that it offers the fastest and speedy mobile broadband network in the country, the speed would be 21Mb/s.

Most important T-Mobile's plans were usurped by AT and T, they are looking forward to provide a new speed with a new service to 250 million of population by year-end. And this grand up gradation is going to cost US$10 million.The basic problem faced by all U.S operators is that they lack compatible devices as they don't match with faster networks launch,T-Mobile USA is now supporting the fast network to 'web Connect Rocket' it's own branded USB data stick . Noe very soon the upgraded versions would be on the way to support faster downloads.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mobile tariff war reach its next level by RCom

A revolutionary step in the field of telecommunications and specially the tariff war yes there is a big step by Reliance Communications (RCom) that is an Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) company, it came out with the gift of new tariff plans that gives you the wonder of unexpected, unconditional and unlimited talk time for CDMA subscribers the charges would be monthly.

Reliance Communication Logo

RCom is going to come out with under its Simply Unlimited CDMA Offer with one local and other is national, there is an unlimited local call pack that is available at a charge of of Rs 299, and if you ant to avail unlimited STD calls then you need to pay a monthly tariff of Rs 599 and you will get unlimited STD calls.This plan facilitaes Reliance customers to make unlimited free calls on any Reliance local phone.

Well they can make unlimited free local calls to some other network also, a big change in call rates as all national long distance those are in the Reliance network and NLD to the other different networks would be charged at the rate of 50p per minute.These new tariffs have really facilitate the people and has brought a big smile on their faces.As they avail more benefits of unlimited calling by paying less.

Reliance has launched Simply Unlimited CDMA National Pack it lets the users to make free unlimited calls to any of the Reliance network in India, that includes CDMA, GSM, even on fixed line both national as well as local, as there are no additional and hidden charges in this pack, to control the misuse of these plans they are entitled to be used for 30 min, after that these would be chargeable at 50 paisa per minute.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vodafone is coming with Blackberry Pearl 3G smartphone

A good news for those who are planning to buy RIM’s new Blackberry Pearl 3G smartphone as now Vodafone has a tie up it mentions that it is going to sell these smartphones on monthly pay tariffs , well the planning has been done but the actual date has not come out yet, this hand set weighs 93 grams with very advanced ARM-based 624Mhz processor.

Blackberry Pearl 3G

Blackberry Pearl 3G smartphone has so many other features like it has Gps imbuilt with geotagging, with ultimate dedicated keys of mulitmedia to access sites social networking sites, with big memory of microSD/SDHD memory card that is up to 32 GB a long with 3.2MP camera supported with Zoom option.

Blackberry Pearl 3G smartphone is a smartphone in actual terms as it has got the power of video recording, flash and Autofocus, it is the first phone that has 802.11n WiFi support, with a trackpad which is optical, although it has no proper QWERTY keyboard in fact it has no proprietary SureType technology of RIM's.

It has got other features like RIM's Blackbeery App world that lets you to access hundreds of applications although the storage capacity is not as big that you find usually in Android as well as in the App Store.

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