Thursday, July 31, 2008

Find best mobile plans

In todays scenario each and everybody wants more value of his money . With the rapid increase of telecom operator in india each and every company presents their mobile plans like a chocolate for a customer but it is very difficult to understand what every other company offers me.There are so many mobile plans and its difficult to understand the rocket science behind the mobile plans.
Previously, i thought several times before to call any body and always count our pulse but now this website take my all pain .In this fast moving world nobody has time to analyze the complex mobile plans manually .Here you get all the calculation automatically .

There are so many companies in india like Reliance, Airtel, hutch, BSNL etc and every company's mobile plans contain some good and bad point . It's a nightmare for me to analyze every mobile plans and choose the one that meet my demand . Also one more difficulty is that some plan is pre-paid user,some for Post-Paid user,some for GSM, some for CDMA so first thing is that to understand these jargon and then know our plan according to our requirement .

This website calculate our mobile bill on the basis of our usage and suggest us a mobile plans that make your talk like a cake walk. At the end every consumer's dil maange more , YourBillBuddy understand our heart . This website offers you so many feature like how many time you spent on calling a particular number so that you can easily judge how much you spent on calling to your girlfriend mobile phone. So as a smart consumer this always be a good move to switch on to a technology that offers you a lot in minimal efforts. So get ready to take the advantage of technology and move ahead and save money.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cut your mobile bill

Now a days each and everybody have mobile phone and so many users choose postpaid plans for their cell phones. Normally users are very confused about their mobile plans and what is the best mobile plans they have to select is the big question mark in their minds.
Do you imagine that some one get your mobile bill or get your details of calling and suggest you according to your usage that what is the best mobile plans for you in India across hundreds of mobile plans.
I never imagined whether this kind of web site will be launched. But we are so lucky that yourbillduddy is here for helping us from this problem. This site fetch your all bills from your service provider and analyze all the contents in your bill. After analyze your mobile bill it gives the recommendation about your possible best mobile bill according to your calling usage.
You can also send Free SMS .
It gives you graphical analysis of Number wise call distribution, Bill Break up which gives break ups like SMS, Local Calls and STD etc. Following are few snapshots of yourbillbuddy

After analyzing your
mobile bill you can view the Recommendation given by YourBillBuddy.
There are some of the snapshots of the Recommendation.

You can also get information that why you recommended those
mobile plans. This section is Why This Plan

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