Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mobile Tarrifs might Fall in 2009

Mobile tariffs might fall in the coming year, since on Wednesday, the telecommunication regulator TRAI started reviewing various intra-operator
charges including those for calls landing in each other's network.

Issuing a consultation paper on "Review of Interconnection Usage Charge", TRAI has taken information from all stakeholders on various charges payable by operators to one another for carriage and termination of domestic and international calls.

The new telecommunication operators, who are awaiting to start offering mobile services, had argued the high rate of termination charge of 30 paise a minute and had demanded that it should be lowered to a maximum ceiling of 10 paise.

Termination charge is money paid by an operator to another operator on whose network the call ends.

TRAI has however maintained that termination charge cannot be reviewed in isolation. The whole of IUC, which comprises origination, termination, carriage and transit charges, needs to be reviewed.

The new telecommunication providers have said that since most of the calls originate from their networks would be terminated on the network of existing providers, payment of 30 paise a minute would leave very little scope for them to introduce innovative tariff schemes to their subscribers and would also put pressure on their margins.

Even Department of Telecommunication had intimated that termination charges need to be lowered, as the cost of building up networks has come down considerably over the last 4-5 years.

For mobile users, it is certainly a good news at the end of the year.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2009!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mega value 499 Plan by Idea

Looks like Idea Cellular has some competitive plans under its belt. We saw one of its Idea free 275 Plan last week, and here is another equivalent plan carrying a higher monthly value. This plan is called ‘Mega Value 499".

The details of this plan are :

  • Monthly Rent: Rs.499
  • Free: Rs. 500 worth of local calls free and 200 local SMS
  • Local calls to Idea numbers: 30paise
  • Local calls to other mobile: 50paise
  • National and Local SMS: 50paise
  • All STD calls: Re.1

This plan by Idea has a considerable amount of free package although it provides half of what Airtel and Vodafone provides in their 399+ plans. The local calling and messaging rates are also pretty cheap. Might turn out to be a lucrative plan. Try it out.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Spice mobile launches touch screen S 930

Recently, Spice Mobile has launched a finger touch phone called S 930 at a cost of Rs. 7,999. S 930 is allegedly one of the cheapest phone to provide a multi-touch swipe experience now. The phone is integrated with a virtual keypad, 1 GB memory stick, a 2 mega pixel camera, a TV out cable, a USB card reader, and an additional battery.

Spice Mobile’s newly launched S 930 also has an MP3 player, stereo Bluetooth, FM Record & Playback, and comes preloaded with applications in tie-up along with Thomson Reuters for news alerts.
It's a very attractive phone leaded with features and provided in a pretty cheap price which ought not be missed. Hoping for more offers from Spice Mobiles in the future.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Aircel Lifetime 97 pack

Lifetime recharges are becoming more and more famous among the operators as it gives them platform to gain a minimum amount from them and also retain them to some extent. Aircel is giving the lifetime options to its existing customers at Rs.97.

The ERC97 pack is going to provide them with lifetime validity. For those who are new to Aircel can pay Rs.199 and opt for the lifetime validity plan thereby getting the same benefits. Sadly anyway, the cheap price does not get you a lot as calls and SMS’s (Local) are quite bad at Re.1 and STD calls at Rs. 1.50.

This could be avoided by getting one of the many packs being offered by Aircel to reduce the calling and SMS rates. Basically, the plan is there to attract users with a cheap price offer and then make them spend more by helping them cut costs. The plan can by uers availed in Tamil Nadu.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Platinum 2500 Plan by Tata Indicom

As corporate business phones are becoming more popular among the Corporate executives of companies, Tata Indicom decided to give them absolute freedom for the same. BlackBerry users or potential BlackBerry buyers would definitely vie for this one, provided that they really use the phone to its limit.

This specific plan by Tata Indicom gives users the facility to make as many calls, SMS’s and data usage as one can possibly think of, since everything is free. What you are going to pay for would be outgoing calls while you're roaming (incoming is free).

On one hand, the rental for this plan (Rs. 2500) seems to be enormous, we also need to take into account that this plan has been devised for the classes and not the masses. This wouldn’t be much of a concern for the busy Indian businessman or top executives, also for the potential user of this plan, which is why we see this plan working well for Tata Indicom.

Platnum 2500 is a very good plan by Tata Indicom for working people who want quality service and a business supporting plan.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Talk Free 275 Idea Plan

This is one extremely good inter-circle calling plan from Idea that is available. It is called the New Talk Free 275 plan and is accessible by Delhi – NCR circle subscribers.

The plan details are:

  • Monthly Rental: Rs. 275
  • CLIP: Free
  • Monthly freebie: 5000 minutes local calling (Idea to Idea)
  • Calling charge to all other local numbers: 50p/min
  • Local SMS: Re 1/SMS
  • STD calling charge to all numbers: Rs 1.50/min

The amazing 5000 minutes free for local Idea to Idea calling makes this plan a great boon for the Idea subscribers. Monthly charges of Rs. 275 makes the local calling rate to all Idea numbers come down to approximately 18 p/min.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Prepaid Packs for Delhi NCR by Airtel

Tying to get new users, Airtel has launched some new plans in the Delhi NCR circle. The prepaid packs are initiated at bringing in affordability, by offering reduced call rates for both local and STD.

Here are the details:

Plan 1 :
Local calling @ 60paise

  • Calls to Airtel numbers at 50 paise
  • Calls to other networks at 60 paise
  • Rs.124 voucher for a 3 month validity
  • Rs.49 voucher for a month’s validity.

Plan 2 : STD @ Re.1
  • STD Calling at Re.1
  • Rs.90 voucher for 3 months validity
  • Rs.40 voucher for 1 month validity

Plan 3 : Local and STD
  • STD Calling @ Re.1
  • Calls to Airtel numbers at 50paise
  • Calls to other networks at 60paise
  • Rs.77 for a month’s validity
  • Rs.201 for a 3 month validity

The prepaid packs seems to be quite affordable and the multiple price points at which they are being offered, helps it to be more attractive for users. All the three plans by Airtel are good value for money, especially the last one.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Vodafone Bonus Cards (Delhi NCR)

Bonus cards is a very exciting feature offered by Vodafone. The main purpose of Bonus Cards is to reduce your calling or SMS charges for a fixed monthly amount. Many other providers give these offers but Vodafone has useful and cheaper ones. There as some pretty good bonus cards available for Vodafone in Delhi/NCR.

Here are the details:

* Bonus Card 29: Gets you all local and National SMS @ 29 p /SMS
* Bonus Card 31: Make all Local & STD calls @ Re 1 / min
* Bonus Card 35: Gets you 300 local SMS’s
* Bonus Card 149: Call 1000 Local Vodafone minutes for free.
* Bonus Card 50: Make all Local calls at a flat rate of @ 50p / min
* Bonus Card 110: Make Local calls @ 50p / min & STD calls @ Re 1 / min
* Bonus Card 124: Make Local Vodafone calls @ 10p / min & Local Mobile calls @ 50p / min.

All the above cards have a validity of a month. We would recommend people to consider their needs before they buy such cards. These cards are designed to suit different purposes. Depending upon your usage choose your best bet.

Cheers to Vodafone for introducing such offers in Delhi/NCR too.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Airtel Delhi-New Offers

Bharti Airtel announced the launching of three new prepaid schemes for the Delhi and NCR subscribers.

One such recharge scheme is at Rs. 99/- offering subscribers STD calls at Re. 1/- per minute for 90 days whereas the price is Rs. 40/- for 30 days validity.
A recharge voucher of Rs. 124/- offers local calls to Airtel phones at 50 paise per minute and to other subscribers at 60 paise per minute with a validity of 90 days while the same offer for 30 days comes at Rs. 49/-.

Another scheme offers STD calls to any mobile at Re. 1/- per minute; Local Airtel to Airtel at 50 paise per minute and local Airtel to other mobiles at 60 paise per minute for 90 days, by recharging with Rs. 201/-, whereas the 30 days recharge for the same offer is at Rs.77/-.

Shashi Arora, CEO – Bharti Airtel Ltd. (Mobile Services), Delhi & NCR said, “Airtel has always led the market in ushering affordability and convenience for its customers. These value vouchers present a greater value-for-money and cost saving opportunity than ever before. We are positive that this initiative will greatly benefit Airtel prepaid customers in the Delhi & NCR region in making STD and local calls at significantly lower rates.”

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Virgin launches Rs 2,000-odd phones

Virgin Mobile has further enhanced its handset portfolio by launching vDesire. The slim vDesire measures 11.5 mm, has chrome finish and claims to have 1000 SMS storage capability.

Virgin Mobile

The phone supports a large internal phone book with 500 X 5 entries and comes with 65K color screen, FM radio, stereo headset, speaker phone, prepaid connection and lifetime validity at a price point of just Rs 1,699. The handset also allows user’s one-touch access to vbytes, Virgin Mobile's data portal, from where they can download wallpapers, ring tones and games.

Delighted to announce the vDesire phone in India, Deval Parikh, Chief Officer, Handsets, VAS & Procurement, Virgin Mobile India said, "Constant access to social circles is a top priority for youth consumers. The need for style and instant communication has hit the younger generation like never before and SMSing has become an integral part of their lifestyle today. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced the vDesire phone that comes with a harmonious blend of style and features at a price that no other phone offers in this space".

The company which targets the youth segment has claims to have given its handsets a blend of style and features. This includes introduction of a few bundled offers such as vKewl, vBling, vSleek, vTrendy and vSwing.

Virgin Mobile

vKewl has features like video recording, 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio and is loaded with MMS, speakers and headset and is priced at Rs 3,499.

vBling offers a mirror finished, dual screen, clam shell handset bundled with lifetime validity and a prepaid connection at >Rs 2,199 whereas vSleek is an ultra slim phone priced at Rs 3,299 bundled with lifetime validity and a starter user kit. The color screen vTrendy is priced at Rs 1,499.

Virgin is trying to encompass the entire Indian cellular market with it's affordable yet attractive packages.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SMS and Call rates supposedly to reduce further

It’s been almost a year since TRAI, the telecommunication regulator, has asked operators to reduce SMS charges. However, with the Telecom companies not doing much about it, the regulator is ready to take some action, if the operators turn a deaf ear this time again. Apart from this, TRAI is of the opinion that the Indian user is being exploited on the ‘calling’ front. Users have been complaining of calls getting cut due to network problems and thus having to pay for a whole minute even if the call lasted for 10 seconds.
The regulator is ready to put pressure on the Telcom companies, which eventually lead to SMS charges witnessing a decrease and operators taking necessary steps to strengthen their connectivity. If this is not possible we might see some operators reducing pulse rate, which currently stands at 60 seconds. This has been done by players like BPL, who had a one second pulse rate i.e. you are only charged for the number of seconds you spoke. On the whole, the future looks bright and cheap for the Indian users.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Airtel Mobile Campus!

Airtel has again come up with an exiting new feature called the "Mobile Campus". The m-Campus prepaid card isn’t just another prepaid plan – it makes you eligible to become a member of an exclusive mobile community called “Airtel Mobile Campus” where you can stay connected to your friends, campus & other social networks anytime, anywhere and can also get awesome discounts & benefits like FREE SMS, Movie Tickets & much much more!

Access Mobile Campus link using “Airtel Live” GPRS settings. Enjoy FREE WAP browsing on Mobile Campus!
Here’s how you can join the mobile community -->

Step 1: Three very simple steps to join Mobile Campus:

  • Send SMS with key word <mcampus> to 54321 (toll free) to get Mobile Campus link in your inbox
  • Visit Airtel Live WAP portal at and click on “Airtel Mobile Campus” banner, OR,
  • Simply type in .
Step 2: On doing the above you will reach the join page of Airtel Mobile Campus (shown below). Simply click on the “Join” button.

Step 3: After clicking join you will be registered to the Mobile Campus and will just have to fill your name and other details to get started.

Step 4: After clicking on the Submit button you are now in your Mobile Campus zone!. GO on and explore all the cool features, add / invite friends, send them blast SMSes for free and enjoy other benefits in the My rewards Section!


Status update: This is your space to tell the world what you are upto at anytime!. Your status is set as “Happy on Mobile Campus” by default. To change this click on the “update” button next to the status
Mood: Happy, sad, naughty? You can set your mood to as per your feelings here.

About me: Use this space to tell other members a little about yourself. You can update this by clicking on the “Update Profile” button.

My Photos: Click, upload and share your photos instantly!

My Videos: Take, upload and share your vids instantly to those missing out on the fun!

My Nano Blogs: Who wants to write long un-ending blogs – keep it short simple and witty with Nano blogs and express yourself the way you want or simply provide some entertainment to other members!

My Nano Blogs: Who wants to write long un-ending blogs – keep it short simple and witty with Nano blogs and express yourself the way you want or simply provide some entertainment to other members!

Blast ur Friends: Having a party or just catching up with friends? Why not send them a reminder to not to miss out using the Blast ur Friends feature. Just click on the “Blast ur Friends” link in the My Friends section and send ur blasts for FREE as long as you have available Wap to phone sms balance.

vSMS: Sometimes an SMS cant express what you want to say. Why not send a Voice SMS in your very own voice!

Invite Friends: Your friends are not on Mobile Campus? Then get them on and get rewarded. Use the “invite friends” link in the My friends section and send an invite to users on their mobile. Also get 20 points when your friend joins the Mobile Campus! You can also add a friend who is already on Mobile Campus by just clicking on his/her profile.

m-Campus Home: Visit this page to see what’s happening on the Mobile Campus – who’s new, what’s latest and more.

My College & All Colleges - Home:
Here’s where you can get connected to your college campus and be in the know of events, campus celebs and more.

Time Pass Applications: Want to kill some time? Just check out the applications and have loads of fun!

My Rewards: Offers and more! Here’s where you get it all. Just stay tuned in for the best deals. You can keep a track of your credit points, WAP to phone SMS balance and can also redeem your points here.

With this Airtel mobile Campus offer, you can be connected constantly with your mates and win exiting offers at the same time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Group Plan and Offers by Trump

MTNL has launched another nice plan under its prepaid ones - Trump. It’s a group plan in which a Trump user can register a maximum of 9 Dolphin or Trump subscribers and enjoy the benefits of this group plan amongst the registered numbers.

The details of the plan are:

  • Service charge for the main number – Rs 30/month
  • One time charge for registering a group member – Rs 10/number
  • Call and SMS charges within group – 10p/min and 10p/SMS

MTNL has also introduced a limited period offer for its Trump users. Now with every top-up recharge of Rs 300 and Rs 500, it is providing more talk-time than they initially offered.

With a top-up of Rs 300, it is providing a talk value of Rs 300 which is 12% more than the previous value of Rs 267. Similarly for a top-up of Rs 500, users now get a talk value of Rs 525 which is 18% more than the previous value of Rs 445. That is not it! During this limited period, MTNL is also providing Trump subscribers a chance to win upto 250 grams of gold if they recharge with Rs 300 or more.

The group plan is very attractive and along with the other following recharges, you are all set to make calls all over the city. What's better than having a group plan extending to so many friends!

Friday, December 12, 2008

3G hits India finally with MTNL!

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday launched the country’s first 3G technology-based mobile services of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) in Delhi, making live TV, high speed data download and video streaming on mobile phone a reality in India.
To mark the inauguration, Dr. Singh received a video call from Telecom Minister A. Raja, who was also present at the launch.
Dr. Singh said that for urban India, 3G and wireless broadband would offer the convenience of mobility with the rich multimedia content of the Internet. “But it is in rural India that I hope to see them making an invaluable contribution,” he said.

MTNL, a service provider in Delhi and Mumbai, would extend the 3G services in Mumbai by the end of next month. The company was still working on the tariffs, but they are likely to be affordable, MTNL chairman and managing director R.S.P. Sinha said.
Users will be able to experience speeds of upto 2Mbps, much higher than those currently being offered - upto 140kbps. Next service operator expected to follow suit will be BSNL.
This is excellent news for India and proof of the rising technology in the country.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Airtel's International Calling Cards

Airtel's International Calling Cards are a new and an easy way of making ISD calls to your friends & family living abroad. Now call International calls for as low as Rs 1.99/min.

Options available are :

How to use the International Calling card
On recharge you will receive a confirmatory SMS with a 10 digit account number & then follow the following process:
  • Dial a toll free number 1802103 (accessible through Airtel Mobiles only)
  • Listen to the IVR and follow instructions
  • The ‘Airtel IVR would request you to dial your “Account number”
  • Enter the 10 digit account number which you received in the confirmatory SMS.
  • After you dial the account number the card balance would be announced.
  • This would be followed by another IVR asking you to dial the destination number.
  • Now enter the destination number as per your requirement. For an international Destination, dial 00 followed by the destination number. For calls within India , dial 0 followed by 10 digit number.
Imp : Please make note of the Secret account number sent as part of welcome SMS. You will need account details every time you make a call through International calling card.

International calling cards available through Easy Charge across all Airtel retailers.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Airtel - Sony Ericsson Handset Bundle Offer

An awesome offer for a starter who wants to buy a cellphone along with a SIM card. Airtel is giving a prepaid plan with a stylish Sony Ericsson phone as a package.

The following handsets are available with the offer(cost includes the plan) :

  • Sony Ericsson J120i Color Phone with FM worth Rs. 1899/-

  • Sony Ericsson J121i Color Phone with FM worth Rs. 1925/-

  • Sony Ericsson W200i - Walkman Phone worth Rs. 4795/-

The features of the plan along with the handsets are :

* Pulse Rate : 60 Sec Pulse

* Free Airtime on Pack : Rs. 10

* Incoming Calls : Free

* Local Calls : Re. 1

* Std Calls : Rs. 1.50

USA, Canada, Europe (Fixed Line), Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand : Rs. 6.40

* Gulf, Europe (Mobile), SAARC countries, Africa & Rest of the world : Rs. 9.20

* Cuba, Sao Tome & Principe, Guinea Bissau, Diego Garcia, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Norfolk Island, Sakhalin : Rs. 40


* Local : Re. 1
* National : Rs. 1.50
* International : Rs. 5

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vodafone Launches Blackberry Storm

Vodafone Group has launched the BlackBerry Storm smartphone in all its global markets which is a result of the long-term alliance between RIM (Research in Motion) and Vodafone. The BlackBerry Storm is the first ever ‘clickable’ touch screen smartphone and will be available exclusively on Vodafone’s high speed 3G mobile broadband network in Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand soon.

The 3.25″ ‘clickable’ touch screen gives users the sensation of actually pressing down on virtual keys, which also lights up when touched. This makes it easy to type texts and e-mails as well as navigate through the phone’s functions. This phone is the most advanced smartphone to date from RIM’s stable and would be positioned globally in competition to Apple’s iPhone, though it would obviously be targeted at business customers.
The phone is stylish and now can be availed by anyone who would like the power of Blackberry and Vodafone in their hands.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Vodafone Launches "Vodafone Tuesday" in Delhi - Vodafone launches iPhone 3G

Vodafone Tuesday’ is a scheme which allows a Vodafone subscriber to acquire two movie tickets and meals at a price of one. Vodafone Mumbai subscribers have been enjoying this scheme since long. Now it is available to Delhi/NCR subscribers too.
This scheme restricted to Tuesdays, will allow Vodafone users in Delhi/NCR to watch movies at all outlets of Satyam (Nehru Place, Patel Nagar and Janak Puri) and DT Cinemas (Gurgaon), and dine at restaurants like Bercos, Tantra, The Rock Café, Little Italy, and many more.
It's a great offer for a city full of food lovers and movie buffs!

The Apple iPhone 3G, the phone everyone's waiting for, is now available on Vodafone. 8 GB is available in black and 16 GB in both black or white.
With fast 3G wireless technology, Maps with GPS, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, and the new App Store, iPhone 3G puts even more amazing features in your hands. And just like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one - a revolutionary phone, a wide screen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and full web browsing. It redefines what a mobile phone can do - again.
You can also chose your voice and data plans. It is available also in an EMI scheme. Sooner, you can have 3G in your hands.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Idea Super Saver 699

IDEA postpaid cards are an effective way of keeping in touch, no matter where you are. This time Idea has come up with a Super Saver 699 plan for postpaid users.

The Entry level costs are as follows :
  • Activation Fee - Rs. 250/-
  • Plan Enrollment Fee - Rs. 250/(to be converted into refundable security deposit after 2years)
  • Security Deposit - NIL
Total monthly charges :
  • Monthly Rental - Rs. 699/-
  • CLI Feature (Rent/month) - Rs. 0/- (Optional)
*1000 Local Mobile Minutes+225 STD Minutes(All STD) is available with this plan.
*300 (Local/National P2P SMS Free) is also included.
*30 MB Free Data transfer (GPRS)Data Usage is allowed. Charges beyond 30 MB will be 1p/KB.

*There is a 12% service tax along with 3% educational cess on the service tax.
*Moreover, Subscribers can exit any time by submitting an application.
*In any case if the SIM has to be replaced only Rs. 75 is charged for it.

Local calls to any mobile is chargeable at 30p/min and to fixed lines at 50p/min.
STD to anywhere in India, may it be mobiles or fixed lines is chargeable at Re 1.

ISD Charges are as follows :
  • To USA,Canada,Singapore and Hong Kong : Rs. 6.40 /min
  • To Europe, Australia, SAARC,Gulf : Rs. 9.19 /min
  • Rest of the World : Rs. 49.20/min
Local/National/International(Mobile to Mobile) SMS are charged at Rs. 0.25 / 0.50 / 5.00 /- per sms respectively.
The monthly rental is only Rs. 699 for this Super Saver pack and the features are way too many. A perfect plan for saving. What an IDEA!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Virgin STD/Local calls at 50p!

Think VIRGIN and think new. Virgin mobile has come up with this plan especially for STD facilities. After TRAI had slashed the STD rates to Rs 1.50, only Reliance and Virgin came up with 50p offers. Reliance charges a rental of Rs 249 to avail this offer.
   The Virgin offer features are as follows :
  • With this all new offer from Virgin Mobile, calls to any number, anywhere in India is 50 paise/minute.
  • The starter kit that you have to buy comes for Rs 99.
  • If you are an existing customer, you can make the switch for a recharge of Rs. 12
    (This recharge also offers full talktime after Tax deduction)
  •   The more you call in a day, the more you save. You can save up to Rs. 900 in a month on  STD alone.
However, there are certain conditions that apply along with this offer. It is obviously not mentioned in the advertisements that are shown.
  •  For the first 3 local minutes of the day, your calls will be charged @ Rs.1/min. From the 4th local minutes onwards, you will be charged 50p/min.
  • For the first 3 STD minutes of the day, your calls will be charged @ Rs.1.5/min. From the 4th STD minutes onwards, you will be charged 50p/min.
  • STD calls @ 50p/min are subject to a maximum of 30 mins per day.
The biggest disadvantage is that only 30 minutes of talktime would be charged 50p. After that the regular tarrifs apply. This is a good pack if you want to save a little and if your calling is restricted to not more than 30 minutes to an STD number per day. Pretty good for an average caller.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tata indicom slash Datacard service rentals

Tata Indicom has announced the slashed USB modem prices,Plug2Surf WHIZ for Rs 2,249. The operator also have an offer of waiving 50% of first two months rentals on Rs 1099 unlimited plan for its new subscribers. Offer will be available till Nov, 30.
Vineet Bhatia, Chief Operating Officer, Delhi Circle, Tata Teleservices Ltd. said, “Mobile data usage is on the rise in India. We realized that consumers don”t want to be surprised by additional costs to their cell phone bills. Keeping consumer requirements in mind, Unlimited Data Plan 1099 has been designed to provide our patrons with a bundled usage limit that allows for unlimited data usage, whilst providing voice and SMS as per tariff and tremendous cost savings.
Internet card services currently are given by all Indian Telecom giants Reliance Communication, BSNL, Airtel and TataIndicom. The need and in turn demand for this kind of mobile surfing feature increases day-by -day. However, technology for this service has not reached maturity evidence being high cost modems and low performance to give a negative impression. In between, offers like this will be a good news only for the subcribers who have no other options for internet surfing service fit for their frequent mobility.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Reliance Platinum Plan 225

Reliance communication has launched its new Platinum Plan 225 which is designed for subscribers who want lower call rates in their circle as well as other states. The plan cost you only Rs. 225. The plan provides free talktime of Rs. 100 as well as free SMS worth Rs. 100. This plan also offers lower call rates.

* Calling charge to local mobile: 30p/min.
* Calling charge to local Reliance landline numbers: 30p/min.
* Calling charge to local other landline numbers: 80p/min.
* Calling charge to all STD numbers: 1.25p/min.
* SMS charge to local or STD numbers: 30p.

Reliance Platinum plan boils down to 333 local mobile calls free and 333 SMS all India free for Rs. 225. However, this plan is available only in major cities and only for those who opt for a new connection.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Airtel Rural plan

In India, most of the people live in the villages. To please rural people Airtel, leading mobile company, has launched its new plan for rural people as Airtel Rural plan. This pack is available to users residing in villages with a population of less than 20,000. This plan provides free talktime to subscribers over a period of 9 months in 3 installments. According to company officials, user would get free talktime of Rs. 25 in every 3 months. Call charges are also affordable. Local calls and SMS cost Re.1 and Rs. 1.5 for STD calls and SMS.

Here are the details:

* Price: Rs.50
* Talktime: Nil
* Validity: Nil

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MTNL My Group plan

There are lots of plans for the group of users. Today, each and every service provider are providing such kind of Group plans for their subscribers. This time, MTNL, also going to join the league by launching its new My Group plan.

Here are the details of the My group plan:

* It cost you only Rs. 30 per month.
* Include maximum 10 members in the group.
* Registering a number cost you only Rs. 10.
* Calling and SMS rate within group is 10 p.
* Only Dolphin and Trump users can access this service.

By calling on 1503/9869012345 (Toll Free), you could activate this Group Plan and enjoy with your group.

Monday, November 24, 2008

250 million GSM Subscribers till December in India

Now a days, all industry sectors are facing financial crisis other then the India's telecom sector. In India, telecom sector is growing rapidly as GSM subscribers increasing day by day. According to the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), The total GSM subscribers at the end of October was at around 242 million with October alone having a record subscriber addition of 8 million, in India and would mark the milestone of 250 million subscribers all over the country by December.

The leading service provider in the country, Bharti Airtel with 2.7 million new subscribers taking its total user base to past 80 million. Vodafone Essar added more than 2 million new users and accounted a total of 56 million subscribers. State owned BSNL managed to get 6.7 lakh new users, taking its total count to 39.8 million.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Vodafone net profit drops 35%

British mobile phone company Vodafone said on Tuesday that its net profit had slumped 35 percent in the first half of its financial year as it booked a hefty loss on the value of its Turkish business. The share price of Vodafone jumped 6.93 percent to 115.8 percent on London's FTSE 100 index, which was down 1.62 percent in late morning trade.

Vodafone said in an earnings statement that profit after tax slid to 2.14 billion pounds (2.63 billion euros, 3.35 billion dollars) in the six months to September 30 compared with the first half of 2007/08. The company booked a loss of 1.7 billion pounds on the value of Vodafone Turkey.

"Our turnaround in Turkey is taking longer than we anticipated," Vodafone's new chief executive Vittorio Colao said in the company's earnings statement. Group revenue rose 17 percent to 19.90 billion pounds in the six months to September 30 compared with the first half of 2007/08, thanks to benefits derived from currency exchange rates.
"The first half results reflect a solid overall performance in a challenging operating and a weaker macro economic environment," said Colao, who in July replaced Arun Sarin, who stepped down after five years as Vodafone chief executive.
"Operating conditions are expected to continue to be challenging in Europe given ongoing competitive and regulatory pressures and recent deterioration of economic conditions in certain markets," Colao added.
In recent years, Vodafone has expanded into emerging markets across Africa and Asia, as it looks to offset flagging sales and fierce competition in maturing Western markets.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Idea MyGang Plan in Rajasthan

Idea has launched its new MyGang Plan. The plan offers lower call rate as well as lower SMS rate then any other cellular service provider. The plan has specially launched for youth who wants to connect all the times with their buddies.

Here are the details:

* Plan cost Rs. 150.
* Validity 3 Years.
* Local calls to MyGang 10p/min. (from 10 pm to 5 pm)
* Local calls to MyGang and any other network 1Re/min. (from 5 pm to 10 pm)
* Local call to any other network 50p/min. (from 10 pm to 5 pm)
* Local call to any Landlines 1Re/min.
* STD call to any network and Landlines 1.30Rs/min.
* Local and STD SMS to any network 10p/sms. (from 10 pm to 5 pm)
* Local and STD SMS to any network 25p/sms. (from 5 pm to 10 pm)
* There would be Daily Decrement of Re 1.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Virgin TGIW Pack

This pack is very useful who want to enjoy his/her weekend with his/her friends by talking to them on mobile.This pack is called as TGIW Pack. By activate this pack, Local Mobile Calls @ 30p/min and 100 Local SMS Free for 3 days. Even you receives 10 p/min for incoming call. This TGIW pack make your weekend enjoyable with your friends. This is gonna cost you rs. 18 only!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

VIRGIN YoYo (V2V) Pack

VIRGIN YoYo (V2V) pack is for who loves to talk to his or her friends all the time. This pack is called as YoYo (V2V) pack. By activate this pack, call any Local VMI number, anytime at just @10p/min. Thus, for every call made to a friend on V2V Vpower, you pay 10p/min & your friend receives 10p/min, your friend can then call you back the you receives 10p/min.

To activate this pack,you have to pay only Rs. 28. This pack will be valid for One month. Local Call or STD call on other network cost is 50 p/m.

The best feature of the plan is that You are about to get paid for incoming calls!

Monday, November 17, 2008

AIRTEL Combo 499 plan in south India

Airtel, leading cellular service provider in India, has already entered in providing Internet broadband service. Now, Airtel launched its new plan in South India which will provide both cellular service as well as Broadband service that's why this plan is called as "Airtel Combo 499 plan". The plan offers broadband at 2 mbps, a free download of 1 GB as well as voice calls of Rs. 200. It also offers STD at just Re.1 per minute. Thus, the plan enable more people to easily avail broadband connectivity at an affordable price. This plan cost you only Rs. 499.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

MTNL Free prepaid SIM in Mumbai

The advertisement says ‘Offer valid till stock lasts’ but how much is the stock left when this scheme is pretty much valid since june? Anyways, overlooking the marketing ploys here, if you’re in search for a new number then MTNL is giving away a prepaid number for free to its existing MTNL Landline/Trump/Garuda/Dolphin users. Customers will get a Trump SIM card with a 30 day validity and Rs. 20 worth of talk time.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reliance Jaadu pack

We saw Tata Teleservices franchise Virgin Mobile revising its local and STD calling rates. Now its time for Reliance communication to do so. Reliance communication added a new recharge pack to their Jaadu basket. This pack is meant to lower outgoing call rates for prepaid subscribers who are looking for a lifetime commitment with Reliance Mobile. This plan is called the ‘Lifetime Jaadu Pack’ and offers:

* Local calls to any phone – 50p/min
* STD calls to any phone – Re 1/min
* Pack price – Rs 550

This pack is a boon for subscribers with lifetime validity as they can now just subscribe once to this pack and enjoy the lowered calling rates for lifetime as compared to buying packs and special tariff vouchers every month for making affordable outgoing calls.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Vodafone Bonus Card For Delhi/NCR

Vodafone announce the bonus card for Delhi/NCR same as Mumbai. The significance of Bonus Cards is to cut your calling or SMS charges for a fixed monthly amount. Check out details

* Bonus Card 29: you can get all local SMS and National SMS at 29 paise per SMS
* Bonus Card 31: Get all Local calls and STD calls at Re 1 per min
* Bonus Card 35: Get free 300 local SMS
* Bonus Card 149: You can Call on Local Vodafone 1000 minutes for free.
* Bonus Card 50: Get all Local calls at 50 paise per min
* Bonus Card 110: Get all Local calls at 50p per minute and STD calls at Re 1 per minute
* Bonus Card 124: Get all Local Vodafone calls at 10 paise per minutes and Local Mobile calls at 50p per min.

All the mentioned cards above have a validity of a month.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Airtel Launch its IPTV Soon

Airtel the only integrated Service provider which offer broadband,digital services and mobile to its subscriber very soon and will also provides IPTV service in major cities of India.

Airtel had recently launched DTH service in the country. Airtel started its DTH service in 62 cities in the first phase of its rollout. Airtel also introduce DTH services in Kolkata. Airtel official said DTH market would expand exponentially in the coming years.

The entry level service packs available at Cost of Rs 2,499.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vodafone Discount on Tuesday for Delhi & NCR

Hurray Vodafone mobile users, Now have a win enjoy two meals for the price of one and two movie tickets and . But this offer is valid only on Tuesday you can enjoy movies at all outlets of Satyam which include the ones at Patel Nagar, Janak Puri (delhi) ,Nehru Place,
& DT cinemas in Gurgaon.

This scheme provides you to enjoy meals at Tantra, Bercos, Little Italy,The Rock Café and others in Delhi and NCR.

Option First for Subscriber: To activate the ‘Vodafone Tuesday’ scheme, subscriber just need to call 5677 and listen to the array of the offers for upcoming Tuesday. The call charges are Rs.3/min.

Second Option involves: Select offers by typing in the appropriate keyword.

Third step of the process, user will get a discount coupon via SMS that is supposed to be shown at the aforementioned outlets to enjoy the discounts.

Other way to get discount coupon of Vodafone scheme is by SMSing Tuesday to 56789 which will cost Rs.3 per SMS. Once the subscriber send this SMS, a reply enlisting the offers for the upcoming Tuesday
will be received. Subscriber will then have to select an offer and reply with an appropriate code; for example, SMS Tuseday to 56789 for movies. Users will receive the discount coupon as an SMS which will have to be shown at the outlets to avail discount offer.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Airtel Lifetime Validity Plan

lifetime recharges are new trend among mobile service provider as it helps not only to retain the users but also provides a minimum amount from them also. Aircel has started lifetime validity to its existing users at 97 Rs only.

Aircel began its ERC97 pack with lifetime validity to its existing users. New users to the service provider can get this offer of lifetime validity plan by paying Rs.199. However this price does not provides you much as calls and SMS (Local) are quite unattractive at Re.1 and for STD calls at Rs 1.5

This Aircel mobile plan is available in the Tamil Nadu and Chennai.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

MTNL - Make your own Caller Tune

If your present callertune is stereotypical and boring . MTNL provides you a facility to make callertune recorded yourself. MTNL has kick off this service recently for its subscriber and here is the Steps to make your callertune.

1. Call 56789 and record your callertune.
2. It costing Rs. 4/minute.
3. Make this recorded tune as your callertune.
4. You have to charge Rs 5 for every recorded song.
5. You can record 10 such songs.

The eye catcher here is the cost you pay when you record the tunes Rs.4 per minute sounds good, but to get that right recording, it might just dig a hole in your pocket and make your mobile bill heavy. This service is available to both Dolphin and Trump.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vodafone and Airtel 249 Mobile plan

Recently both Airtel and Vodafone offer same mobile plan but with different name i.e ‘Airtel Jackpot 249 Plan’ and ‘Vodafone Talk 249 Bumper Plan’ Both Airtel and Vodafone offered the same mobile plans to subscribers in Delhi and NCR circle.

Monthly Rental is Rs 249.
Free: 500 minutes Mobile to Mobile local calls.
Calling charge is 30p/min to all other local mobile.
Calling charge is 50p/min to all other local numbers.
Local SMS charge is 50p/SMS.
STD calling charge is Re 1/min to Vodafone numbers.
STD calling charge is 1.50/min to all other numbers.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Idea New Talk Free 275 plan

Idea has launched its perfect inter-circle calling plan i.eNew Talk Free 275 plan and is available only for Delhi – NCR circle Idea User.
The New Talk Free 275 details are:
  • Monthly Rental: Rs. 275
  • CLIP: Free
  • Calling charge to all other local numbers: 50p/min
  • Local SMS: Re 1/SMS
  • STD calling charge to all numbers: Rs 1.50/min
  • Monthly freebie: 5000 mins local calling (Idea to Idea)
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Airtel Free Incoming call Offer On Roaming

Airtel partnership with Singapore based SingTel are all set to provide some joy to Airtel users who visit Singapore this weekend. To welcome the Inaugural of Formula 1 SingTel Grand Prix 2008, Airtel users who are on the way to Singapore on September 25 to September 29, 2008 will get a benefit of free incoming calls in Singapore. customer just needs to set their roaming network to SingTel manually to enjoy this offer.

For Postpaid customers, the current international roaming mobile plan on the SingTel network for all incoming calls is Rs. 52 per minute and Rs. 50 per minute for Prepaid customers.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Airtel New SMS 2.0 application

Airtel SMS 2.0 application has been accepted which provide customer to send colourful messages,read news, view ads. Now Airtel in process of join hands with Affle have extended the use of SMS 2.0 application. It offers integrated search which will allow Airtel users to Search in Airtel Live, Local search,Internet,Property listings from their SMS screen and Job .

The SMS 2.0 service is free as Airtel will compensate it from its advertisers. This is a intelligent steps from Airtel as they can know what their users are searching and effectively target specific users for specific ads.

To download this application, Airtel users only need to send SMS to 543210.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Tata Teleservice steps into Black Berry Game

Tata Teleservices is the new to offer Blackberry services in the Indian telecom market.Tata Teleservices first Blackberry device is CDMA based BlackBerry 8830 World Edition that offers international roaming capability on GSM and GPRS networks. The phone is an ideal Blackberry handset with a GPS, topping of a dual band network support and nice QWERTY keyboard. The phone will be available with a standard voice plan.Phone has three options of data services – Gold,Titanium and Platinum.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get Full talk Time

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has instructed mobile service providers to waive off the processing charge on Prepaid top up cards of recharges. Hence user now get full talk time.

As per TRAI directives Prepaid mobile users now only need to pay 2 Rs. per recharge atmost as an administrative fee and other applicable taxes.

TRAI said that mobile service providers are cutting fixed amount even for recharges which is specially meant for providing talk time to users who already have validity.

TRAI has taken good step for making the mobile service providers more users friendly and transparent.

The other instructions given by TRAI includes asking mobile service providers to make the mobile plans related information available in regional languages also, other than English.

Users having a lifetime mobile plans can now easily switch to new lifetime mobile plans with less entry fee and without any additional charges.

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