Monday, August 25, 2008

Send Free SMS

The well known website 'yourbillbuddy' is now here available with a appealing offer.This offer includes free SMS servicing to any close relative to whom one likes.This SMS Service is available with only postpaid mobile users.To have a fun of this service what actually is needed to be done is get register on-line, with the users e-mail id and the password for that id.To get register the used e-mail id should be valid for the website.The SMS service is available with nearly all type of mobile phone service providing companies.These companies includes Airtel, Vodafone, Tata Indicom, Reliance, BSNL, Idea and Aircel mobile phones. After getting register at the website the password for the service will be provided on to the same e-mail id.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5 ways to reduce your mobile bill

1. Choose the best mobile plans :
The first and foremost important steps in order to reduce your mobile bill is to choose the mobile plans as per your usage. Choosing a mobile plans as per your usage is also an science. You need facts and data that helps you to choose the mobile plans. Yourbillbuddy gives you complete fact,data and comparison that clearly shows you how much you could save on particular mobile plans and also tells you the best mobile plans by analyzing your mobile bill. For more information check How does it works.

2. Reduce Airtime
While talking on the phone it should be kept in mind always that the charges for the calls goes on increasing as we keep on talking continuely. Charges often increase when we move out of our area of limited airtime charges. Knowing the boundries of unlimited calling area can reduce the charges to a great extent. Further one can reduce the mobile bill by not calling the wrong numbers and by not leaving voice mail messages. Free home calling plans offer unlimited calls between the home phone line and mobile handsets.What it only costs is long distance and roaming charges.Customer service phone number or web address at the service provider can make check airtime charges. Reducing time on calls can be another option.

3. Off peak hours talking
Understanding that during which hours of the days the call rates are high we can reduce are mobile bill .As it will help us priortise our calls according to the requirement.

4. Reducing Roaming
Knowing the boundries of the plan coverage area we can further reduce the mobile bill .As calling from outside the coverage area costs more.

5. Long-distance Calls
Using local roaming dial-in numbers,if available from the service provider,whenever we are outside the coverage area we can avoid long distance charges.If the customer uses long distance plans to a great extent then he must use a calling plan with some long-distance calling monthly fees.Using a prepaid long distance calling card can be another option for reducing call rates.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Know your mobile usage

Now the cat fight is over. Who calls more? Answers lies here at yourbillbuddy. It provides you very interesting facts about your mobile phone usage and your friends usage.

Get a comparative study between you and your friends mobile usage

1. How much you call your friends?.

2. How much your friends call you back?.

3. Compare who spent more. Is it your friends or you ?

4. How much you SMS your friends and your friends SMS you back?.

5. Comparison of How much you spent in SMS and your friends SMS you back ?.

6. How many minutes you call your friends and how much time they spent in calling you back ?.

7. How many times you call and how many times your friends call you back?

you just need to log in to take advantage of wonderful service.
So next time your friend complains you dont call her enough, show her mobile network usage detail. Grow your network to know more about your friends calling patterns.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Postpaid or Prepaid

A million dollar question in users mind is where should i go for postpaid or prepaid?. I would give some advantage and disadvantage of both sides that helps you to take decision.
Postpaid mobile connection is like any other telephone connection, where you get a SIM Card, use it and pay for your monthly mobile bill based on rentals, plan charges and usage charges etc.
Prepaid mobile plans are plans where you have to purchase first for mobile phone credits before you could use their services.
In case of Prepaid plans you don't need to wait for approvals of any applications. You just need to buy a prepaid credit, then you could easily use your mobile phone without any hassles.
on the other hand Postpaid plans requires you to submit some legal documents like address proof, Identity proof etc.
Prepaid mobile plans restrict you to make unnecessary calls because of limited amount of balance.
In postpaid mobile plans where you could make all the calls you want (if your plan don’t have a limit), there's nothing to stop you. So comparatively prepaid mobile plans would prove to be a economical.
When your mobile phone gets lost in case of postpaid, the serial number is registered with your mobile service provider. With the help of this unique serial number of your mobile phone they either block it or trace it easily. Where as in case of prepaid mobile phone its not possible to trace.
In terms of rates, prepaid mobile plans would be more economical but postpaid mobile plans offers a much lower rates.
if you use mobile services in control manner, postpaid mobile plans would be the best choice. But if you misused because it has no limit, I suggest you to purchase prepaid plan. one major drawback with postpaid mobile plans require you to pay minimum mobile bill (rental) even if you didn’t make any call.

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